Best Beastie Boys Album?Ill

Just noticed the poll option in the tools so thought i’d try to see what anyone / everyones favorite Beastie Boys album is. There’s quite a clear clue in the pic as to which is mine, (just).newdandyism-pauls-boutique-beastie-boys


One thought on “Best Beastie Boys Album?Ill

  1. Quite a surprising tally on this so far. Okay, I’d go –
    1. Paul’s Boutique.
    2.Check Your Head.
    3. Licensed To Ill.
    4. Ill Communication.
    5. To The 5 Boroughs.
    6. Hello Nasty.
    My slight surprise is Ill Communication being higher at present than Check Your Head and Licensed To Ill. I think the BB first 3 albums are all ground breaking and so very different from each other musically.
    Ill Communication is a more competant but ultimately less interesting rehash of Check Your Head, (it’ still a great album by the way).
    Not sure why but I’ve never got on that well with Hello Nasty although I do like Putting Shame In Your Game (is that the “boggle” track?).
    To the 5 Boroughs has a cool sound and I love the John Carpenter-esque Rhyme The Rhyme Well.
    Also the new track Too Many Rappers is an amazing return to form, I know Yauch has been ill and hope he makes a full recovery and am looking forward to the next album with much anticipation.

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