23rd October 1990. Nirvana, L7. Goldwyns. Birmingham. £5.00.

L7 are so 1990 it hurts. you did get the feeling they were riding someone else’s wave but they did put on a good show.

Rate 7 out of 10.

I’d always rated Mudhoney above Nirvana but on seeing them live for the first time you could clearly see there was something very special in the band. Reeking of authenticity they were the real deal alright.

This was pre Dave Grohl on sticks and Chad Channing from Mudhoney was filling in. This mini tour was to promote the Sliver single that sits so well between Bleach and Nevermind.

Looking back I don’t even think this was Sold Out, incredible to think that now. The big riffery of the Bleach tracks was both heavy and very uplifting. Kurdt’s voice was of serious note although he appeared a very reluctant frontman.

Kris Novoselic bounded his way through the whole set and the band put on an incredible gig.

When they encored Kurdt looked like a different person. Suddenly very alive and with a very mischievous look all of a sudden.

They played 3 songs as an encore and this was better than the rest of the previous set put together. Looking back they could well have played Teen Spirit as one of these tracks and you sensed immediately they had a very special album coming up.

Rate 10 out of 10.


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