6th November 1991. Nirvana. Wulfren Hall. Wolverhampton. £6.00.

Okay. You’ve worked it out. Nirvana were the band from the Sub-Pop scene that exploded. This gig was smack in the moment when they blew up big time. Nevermind had just come out. I bought the Vinyl LP the week it came out (oddly not the first day). On the 50 Bus reading the LP notes, etc I was somewhat confused the spelling of Kurdt Cobain had changed to Kurt – were Geffen afraid of some kind of Commie stand off! The downer was Geffen were shaping them for MTV.

I bumped into some mates in Moseley and took the record to a mates ex-girlfriends. we all listened to Side One and then just re-played it. It was that fresh at the time – I can’t listen to it now but it was a revelation back then.

This gig was superb. Dave Grohl did tighten up the whole sound, not sure if that’s for the better but they were ready to rocket. Of note that when they played Territorial Pissings I thought “why are they playing a Sonic Youth track”. Dumbass (me).

Rate 10 out of 10.

this is how all bands should do live TV appearances. Who needs The Who!


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