Glastonbury 1990. Free.

As previously stated you could walk into Glastonbury pretty easily back then. Just spend half an hour looking for a hole in the fence. Once a mate of mine who was fairly small in build paid a traveller £10 to throw him over the fence!

A car full of us went down late on Friday with practically no money. In the pub in Moseley on Friday we were like “erm why aren’t we at Glastonbury”. We just went with the clothes we were wearing. Rowland found a carrier bag full of beer and cigarettes on the perimeter fence and it was like fate. Good times.


22nd June 1990. Galaxie 500. Main Stage.

Galaxie 500’s last LP got 10 out of 10 in the NME around this time.

Good melancholy stuff and a worthy…

Rate 8 out of 10.

Happy Mondays. Main Stage.

Although not a big fan of the Mondays something just clicked – they were outstanding – incredibly positive vibe and one of the only gigs where everyone had space somehow to actually dance.

Rate 10 out of 10.

23rd June. Glastonbury.

Boo Ya Tribe.

Muscle rap with an organic feel. Cool gig.

Rate 8 out of 10.

De La Soul.

Again another band that fit Glasto very well. Can’t remember too much about this one – in my old notes they get…

Rate 9 out of 10.

Phil Cool and the Coolits.

Okay. Maybe not the coolest of shows to attend. Actually half decent and he did a covers section. Not too sure about the Dire Straits cover though…

Rate 7 out of 10.


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