18th June, 1992, Rollins Band, Beastie Boys, Hummingbird, Birmingham

Now Thats What I Call A Double Header!

Went for a beer before this incredible gig but put out that when I got there The Beastie Boys were onstage already. Looking back this made sense as Rollins Band are one hell of a show to follow and i’m guessing the Beastie Boys recognised this. Nice mark of respect by the *bigger* band supporting too. The upstairs balcony area of The Hummingbird was closed as they hadn’t sold enough tickets – incredible to think this now.

This was the Check Your Head Tour and it’s an incredible LP. I was playing the LP constantly to mates and converting many who’d not heard the sublime Paul’s Boutique and written the band off re Licensed To Ill as a gimmick ala The Fat Boys, etc.

Good mix of rapping, instruments and chaos. The Beastie Boys were (and still are) the real deal and one of my alltime favourite bands. Where’s the frickin’ new album guys? Their latest single is one hell of a return to form too.

I bought the Check Your Head T Shirt and wore it til it fell of my back. This gig converted many who’d come to see Rollins to the talent the Beasties have. So Whatcha Want live back in ’92 was too incredible to describe with words so I wont try!

The video is from the same tour just before they brought this show to the U.K.

Rate 10 out of 10.

Rollins Band again with that stripped down sound and soul bearing vocal performance. The ultimate in intensity blew many away and Rollins live is like no other. Incredible double header that had ALL the crowd buzzing on the way out.

Rate 10 out of 10.


4 thoughts on “18th June, 1992, Rollins Band, Beastie Boys, Hummingbird, Birmingham

  1. I was at that show at the Hummingbird too. For years I have tried to get a bootleg video as I did see they were filming it but I guess it might have just been for the Hummingbird archives.

    Anyway me and a friend managed to sneak up to the balcony after the show and the boys were up there with Hurricane watching Rollins. My friend for some reason slapped hands with MCA and said in an american accent (no idea why) “Great fucking show maaaan”. I wandered over for a chat with Hurricane but a couple of minutes later questions were asked by security as to who we were and we were promptly thrown out and consequently missed most of Rollins. Good night and my first Beastie Boys gig – weren’t many people there that night was there? Shocking to think only probably a couple of hundred people turned up for a Beastie Boys/ Rollins night. lol.

  2. I was there too great gig.I had really long hair and wore a Jim morrison t-shirt that night and never stopped stage diving.I think they stopped several times due to too many on the stage!

    1. Yes I remember them stopping the show a few times due to too many stage dives haha. A real classic show. When the crowd could easily get on stage and I remember one guy getting up and trying to join in with the Beasties. There is something about concerts where you get to be so close to the band and are all sweating and jumping about in such close proximity, unorganised and raw. Brilliant show.

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