30th August 1992. Reading Festival. (One day). £20.00.


Getting a lot of plaudits at the time in the press hunt for the next big thing. A tad over rated in my opinion but they were very into it themselves and put on an enjoyable live show.

Rate 7 out of 10.

Beastie Boys.

The trio all with green hair shocked a lot of the crowd with an incredible show. This gig opened my eyes (ears) to the quality tracks from Licensed To Ill. Slow And Low was stunning. (The videos from much later but hopefully transmits some kind of vibe.) The band were at an interesting point musically and did not have a lot of respect in the UK but this show went some way towards changing that.

‘Like a volcano, I’m erupt”

Rate 10 out of 10.


In many peoples eyes a legendary gig. I would not agree. A legendary band yes but you kinda got the feeling something had broken with Nirvana at this point. Kurt Cobain was clearly fed up with the new following and disillusioned in general. Headliners? Nirvana? The new fanbase was massive but did they get it? I’m not too sure. That’s not a dig they were an incredible band and true artists but the machine had broke them.

Rate 8 out of 10.


One thought on “30th August 1992. Reading Festival. (One day). £20.00.

  1. This was the year it pissed it down on the Saturday night. Melvins were first on the sunday and fit the mood in epic fashion, buzz’ ‘fro blowing in the wind some guy passed out between sid and i and had a mini fit half submerged im mud then got up and carried on lurching as if nothing had happened.
    mudhoney got pelted with mud (obviously) and compere john peel commented afterwards “I hate to think what would have happened if they were called shithoney”
    One of L7 threw her used tampon at the audience

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