22nd March 1993. Rage Against The Machine support from Tool. Rock City Nottingham. £7.50.

Tool were a good warm up and from a similar mindset to the headliners. The venue was rammed.

Rate 7 out of 10.

Rage Against The Machine were a fresh of breath of air in the early nineties which was a bit stagnant back then. Great debut album. Really like a nineties take on The Clash / Dead Kennedys / Black Sabbath with hip hop sensibilities. Amazed they were selling ice cream at the bar and that there were plenty of takers. Ben Riley and myself stuck to vodka and this was an outstanding show.

Rate 10 out of 10.

I remember watching the video below with about 6 mates a year or so before this gig. We’d never heard the band before and initially were laughing at what they were attempting to do and the seemingly pointless sweary lyrics. The laughter soon stopped and all of a sudden the were 6 new RATM fans in the room. About half way through the track (check out the UH at 3 minutes in that’s the moment) opinions changed and they sure looked like the real deal alright. We all had the album in one form or another in no time at all.


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