11th August 1994. Oasis. Wolverhampton Wulfren Hall. £6.00.

Missed the support band (who I think were Pusherman) as i’d just started work in an independent record shop where I was to work for the next seven years. Great venue, rammed, Sold Out. The band were snowballing at alarming speed. Everytime you caught them on TV they look more assured and able and they spanned a lot of genres if looked at from a distance. Fantastic show marred only by the “football hooligan” stereotype that unfortunately did exist and seemed to think they owned the venue and that punching your way through Supersonic meant something – it didn’t – idiots.

Again a band it’s easy to knock now – but at the time they were exciting and after the sad demise of Nirvana – really opened a new music chapter to grab onto the tails of. Better suited to this small indoor venue and again it felt like this was something. Punk? No. Electric? Yes.

This performance on MTV was well before the Xmas release of the full band single. When I watched it in ’94 I thought straight away “that must be a cover”. The fact that it wasn’t and that immediate familiarity showed they were crafting songs with more potential than the album that had just hit the shops.

Rate 10 out of 10.


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