18th October 1994. Orange Deluxe. Support from Flytrap, Imago. Flapper. Birmingham.

Imago‘s 2nd gig. I’d drunk 4 pints before going on and the other two weren’t impressed – ho-hum. We did put on a good show and I can remember Perry (guitarist/vocal) really being really pissed off during the last track. This actually worked well and did give us an moody edge for a moment. The audience were from my mildly drunken state approving.

Rate 6 out of 10.

Flytrap were good too. Catchy poppy punk. I can remember their last song now – which is a very good thing indeed with my memory. “You’ve been caught – dah nah – In a Flytrap”!

Rate 6 out of 10

Orange Deluxe were one of the “expensive equipment” bands. Not a dig – but – you know, annoying. Able musically – but artistically? Hmmm.

Rate 5 out of 10.


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