2nd March 1995. Beastie Boys. Wolverhampton Civic Hall. £9.00.

It was Ramadan. After work could I get a cab to Moseley from Hall Green. No frickin’ chance. I had to beg my neighbor who only spoke to me in terms of “turn that music down” to give me lift. To be fair he did give me a lift after I’d explained my predicament.

This highlights that Birmingham did not have a decent sized music venue at the time. Raves at the Hummingbird had seen it closed down and venues were either small or, well, the NEC, which isn’t exactly central.

Grumbling aside the Beasties were back, big time. Of note it snowed that day which meant a massive peaceful snowball fight after the gig before legging it to the train station. I can’t remember this gig at all – as in the musical content – in my old notes it gets…

9 out of 10.

More updates soon…


3 thoughts on “2nd March 1995. Beastie Boys. Wolverhampton Civic Hall. £9.00.

  1. I remember this one…didn’t john spencer blues explosion support? The first time I saw a theremin played in real life
    Snowballs afterwards was icing on the cake

  2. yes I remember the snow ball fights! I was a student back then and I had taken three friends from Nottingham uni with me, we had an exam the next day, all did ok. Oh well wouldn’t miss it for the world, thats what life is all about

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