May 5th 1995. Opium. Imago. Nocturne. The Jug of Ale. Moseley. Birmingham.

Last Imago post before being replaced by a drum machine. Cheers fellas!

The Jug was a cool venue, you got the little rock n roll room to yourself a a kind of dressing room. Always liked that. I can remember we played this then new track that was very speedy Joy Division in sound, can’t remember what it was called though. Also we did a meanacing version of our outro track that a few people commented on after the show.

Rate 5 out of 10.

Can’t remember Nocturne at all – again in my old notes they get…

Rate 4 out of 10.

Good to support my mates band Opium in Moseley. They had potential but were probably a bit late with their heavy English take on grunge. They looked the part but something was slightly lacking in their dynamic.

Rate 5 out of 10.

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