27th August 1995. Roadkill. Jug Of Ale.

One day I got back from work and this American girl phoned me out of the blue asking me to drum in her band. I said i’d come along to their next gig and see what they were like. It turned out Perry (from Imago) had given her my number after i’d been kicked out of the band – guilt maybe?

Anyway I went to check the band out at the Jug and they were okay really. Good dynamic in the band and quite heavy – Hole style but a bit rougher round the edges – musically that is. Their drummer was leaving and they were looking to replace him. The band was a 3 piece – 2 women and and guy.

They were a decent outfit and I thought what to do as I watched them. It struck me that I was not ready to join another band, learn all their songs and play on. Just not the right time – that’s all. Looking back this was probably the wrong decision – but anyone who’s rehearsed with bands will know it takes a lot of time and effort and I did not want to do it half heartedly. So I didn’t. I just left the gig without even speaking to the band. Rude maybe, but at the time I didn’t want to come up with excuses, etc. Never heard of the band again after this gig but I still see the lead guitarist / singer DJing, etc in Moseley every now and then.

Rate 6 out of 10.


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