14th June 1996. Tracy Bonham. Foundary. Birmingham.

Another music showcase, this time put on by Polydor Records. The beer again was free so I course i’d be there.  No relation of Jason or John Bonham (I think) it seemed to me that WEA Records competitors were looking for *their* Alanis Morrissette due her phenomenal unexpected level of success.

Good live performance and I do not doubt her musical ability but the look and set did seem to me a tad contrived. The songs although rocky did not have any killer hooks that I could sense. She had the geeky rock look of Alanis but we’d seen this all before hadn’t we?

Nothing against the artist – maybe I was getting cynical examining how the record companies jumped on banwagon and threw money to blindly promote.

Tracy Bonham is still performing so today, check out the video and make up your own mind…

Rate 6 out of 10.

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