Arie Haan inspires with wonder goals at the highest level…

Okay. The World Cup is so near you can almost taste it. When I was a very very small boy I didn’t know what the World Cup was and the only live football match i’d ever seen on television was Ipswich beating Arsenal in the 1978 FA Cup final.

I was on holiday in Durham staying at my great Aunts and I had Scarlet Fever when Arie Haan inspired me with not one but two wonder goals. What makes them even more audacious is that they are against West Germany and Italy at the very highest level.

Even to this day if someone’s playing football and in THAT region on the pitch (Haan territory) i’ll shout “Haan It!”. It had that much effect on me. Checkout out both of these art / football moments in this one clip. Incredible.


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