10th October 1996. The Prodigy. Civic Hall. Wolverhampton. £12.00.

The Prodigy were massive at this time. Birmingham did not have a venue of this size at the time(Hummingbird closed, Odeon movies only, etc).  Why they did not play the NEC baffles me – oh it may be because the NEC is soulless, corporate and out of the way too!

Still catching the train to Wolverhampton with about 6 mates added to the experience. Only problem is you always wonder if you can get back if you’re relying on trains, etc.

One of my mates could not go to the gig but as it had Sold Out ages ago he was expecting we’d be able to sell his ticket on no without any problem. We arrived at a bar in Wolverhampton and all thought for some reason The Prodigy wouldn’t be on until at least 10pm. Why we thought this I really do not know – we’d all convinced each other. We stayed in the bar too long and when we got to the venue the band had already been on for quite a while – and we could do nothing with the spare ticket – not even give it away. D’oh. As we were frisked a bouncer called just me over and said nothing but gave me a small green flyer, only me, no one else. I was a bit puzzled and just put it in my pocket. When inside the venue I opened it and it simply read “No Stage-diving”. I’ll took it as a bizarre compliment.

The band were very good playing pretty much what you’d expect them to play back in ’96 with a fair bit of free form stuff added too. Not as good as the earlier Glastonbury set mentioned earlier but exciting all the same. Can’t remember too much about the set list looking back to be honest. What did stick in my memory is that after the show quite a big handful of people stayed behind and just carried on dancing. It was not a DJ playing on or anything but just some admittedly funky beat stuff that was meant to be the exit music tape.

Rate 9 out of 10.

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