12th April 1997. Jamiroquai. NEC.

Given 2 tickets for this gig again from Sony. I don’t mind Jamiroquai really. Not great by any means but back in the day they were okay to play in the mornings in the record store – just as you could, say Sheryl Crow. Okay coffee music – nothing new and not up to the Stevie Wonder level they aimed for but… ho hum…

Of note that one guy got the whole crowd to do a mexican wave and hype up some excitement before Jamiroquai took the stage. How he managed it i’m still not sure to this day but he got everyone up. He wasn’t on stage or anything he started it all from his seat!

Jamiroquai put on a fairly decent show and lectured everyone that dope should be legalised but oddly didn’t mention Ferrari’s at all!

I do love “Alright” by Jamiroquai, it’s their most soulful track so I won’t slate them, but I was relieved when it was over and go to Snobs to be honest. As they played their encore I realised I was only person in the NEC still sitting. Grump? Me?

Of note that no one at all paid for the train back to Brum as it pulled up straight away after the show and the short trek to Birmingham International Station.

The train was so full that loads of people piled into a wagon on the train with no seats. After a few minutes some bright spark turned the lights out making for an odd midnight train ride in pitch black, standing, back to Brum.

Very decent musicians but lacking any real artistic input. Surely worth pointing out that when I put Jamiroquai into You Tube an add popped up “looking at retirement?”!!!


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