13th October 1996. Reef. Civic Hall. Wolverhampton.

Andy Brand from Sony again took a car full to see this vocal heavy outfit. Another freebie but a proper gig if not a full venue despite the band having a lot of Chris Evans promotion at the time.

I liked the band to be honest, they were something a little different and their 2nd album was a big improvement. That said – their 1st single – the – “I’ll Blow You Away” track, (forget what it was called), was half decent too.

Live though they were not that great – this time at least. I can recall the band getting into a mini slanging match with a section of the crowd who were berating West Bromwich Albion, which is to be expected in Wolverhampton, no? The band took exception taking the stance that all hatred was bad. Fair point, but they were playing the peace loving surfers a bit too much.

I think they were having an off day performance wise and looked to me like they wanted to get the show over. A unique band but an average show. Quite insane how 90’s this sounds now (the video).

Rate 5 out of 10.


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