14th April 1997. Thomas Ribeiro. Bonds. Birmingham.

Polygram showacse. Went with Alan James of Cabbage fame. Wasn’t expecting much from the Polygram rep’s Angus info pre show. However, I was happy he was wrong and Thomas Ribeiro turned out to be an very talented artist indeed. A bit like a slightly diluted Hendrix meets the Black Crowes, not a bad place to be.

Thomas Ribeiro’s band put on an awesome half hour set and the sound at Bonds was excellent. I was watching thinking “this is brilliant” and I turned to Alan to ask him what he thought and he replied “it’s brilliant”. Respecting Alan’s opinion I thought Polygram were onto something here.

Fast forward a week or two and people started enquiring in the record shop about the artist. After some enquiries it transpired that some local radio stations were playing the promo CD given away in the goodie bag at the showcase. Problem was there was no CD to sell to the potential new fans. I mentioned this to Angus the Polygram rep – but he was indifferent – “it wasn’t out yet” – they never gave it a full release.

Polygram messed up. This should have been a Top 10 album artist. Polygram messed up, (I need to say that twice!).

Thomas Ribeiro has a cool track “My Love Ain’t The Kind” that is well worth tracking down. Radio friendly and a tad safe maybe, not genre shaping maybe too, but he was the genuine article and the record company messed up. So overlooked there is no material for me to link.

Rant over.

Rate 9 out of 10.

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