2nd April 1997. Rootjuice. Bonds. Birmingham.

Another showcase gig. Half an hour or so. This time by distribution company Pinnacle who I always admired for their slightly more indie stance. Very good sound in Bonds too which I always figured was a Hitman & Her style nightclub only. Also it turned out the manager of Bonds was a regular in our record shop and he was oddly over pleased to see me.

I took a mate of mine Tom and we indulged in the free snacks / beer. The band were like a UK rocky surfy Chili Peppers and had a great fun feel. Again i’ve scoured You Tube, Google, etc but cannot find any trace of Rootjuice – i’d be interested if anyone has some links.

The band put on a good set and the highlight was a bit in a song where they all stopped, looked up (in silence), then ploughed on, then repeated several times. A very funny moment.

You kind of got the feeling they were too oddball to crossover and this was to prove sadly true.

No videos. I can’t find any…

Rate 7 out of 10.


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