20th April 1997. The Misfits. Foundary. Birmingham. £3.50.

I love The Misfits. When Glenn Danzig was in the band they did not make a single bad track. Fact. When a few mates and myself discovered them when we were about 17 we were blown away with the quality of their material. Their popularity was more post the Danzig era, largely due to Metallica championing them and the Garage Days E.P.

However. This gig was long after Danzig had left the band and I was very cautious about even going to this gig as I did not want them to be “tribute Misfits.

They were A LOT better than I had feared with a new frontman and belted out a lot of the classics and minimised promoting their then new LP “American Psycho”. The new singer did mimic Danzig, which in this instance, is fair enough. Great to see Olly and some of the legends in this band. With Danzig it would have been ten times better – but a good show all the same.

Check out both videos (with Danzig) if you’ve never heard the band. Highly Recommended.

Rate 8 out of 10.


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