11th May 1997. Counting Crows support from Cake. Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Free.

More free tickets from Record Company Reps, this time Rob from MCA if I remember correctly.

Quite a full gig if not quite Sold Out. Amazed to see loads of Grateful Dead fans at this gig and a new demograph for me.

Cake had a single that charted “The Distance” and was being played heavily by Chris Evans on the Radio 1 Breakfast Slot at the time. That track reminded me a lot of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – quite a feat. Their other tracks were not up to this standard. I’ve just listened back to the distance after linking the You Tube clip and it’s a great song. Menacing, controlled, slightly hip hop and well worth a listen. Check out the pre Dom Jolly moment in the video – they’re like a less visually friendly, rockier, New Radicals.

Counting Crows were very, very able musically – but as you will know – quite drab. Their were a few moments where you could see the craft in their songs and to be fair deserve the success they have. Not for me but worth checking out. Their fans loved it.

Cake 6 out of 10.

Counting Crows 7 out of 10.


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