13th February 1998. Mogwai support from Ariel M. The Foundary. Birmingham. £5.00.

This was a great gig. Very packed venue, looking back it must have been Sold Out.

Ariel M where one of the best support cats I ever have seen. Real Lo-Fi material but outstanding unassuming musicians. They looked the (USA) arty / nerd-rock-part and boy did they sound good. I did not know any of their material before seeing them but i’d recommend you dig some of their material from 1998 out if possible.

Rate 9 out of 10.

Mogwai were quietly becoming quite big in an underground kind of way. Despite having a smattering of their 12 inches and LP’s I was not that familiar with their material. They, as quite a few bands do, picked up on the Birmingham / Black Sabbath thing (i.e. playing in the city where Sabbath are from). It always amazes me that the audience generally look non-plussed when bands do this. Birmingham. Industrial. Sabbath. We should be proud. Of note that Mogwai put out a split 7 Inch Single with Magoo at this time and did a wicked version of “Black Sabbath”.

Anyway. I was really enjoying the show but left as the non-stop strobe and sheer amount of people in the venue made the mates i’d gone with want to leave. The strobe really was non sop and to an extent I could see their point – when we got out of the venue we all got that whoa! feeling you can only get by standing in a packed room blasted with feedback with constant strobe! We went to the nearby Victoria for last orders. despite missing what must have been the last 15 minutes or so it was a great gig.

Rate 9 out of 10.


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