Electric Wizard, I the Witchfinder.

New category. Just to reflect what I’ve been listening to lately. I went out for a drink last week with Darren from Cabbage / my old school days. I hadn’t seen him for a couple of months and he mentioned he’d been listening to Electric Wizard – i’d never heard of them. I was not convinced they’d be any good – but i’ve listened to their stuff for most of this week. He was explaining that they are one of the slowest / heavy bands he’d heard. We discussed Godflesh and Black Sabbath comparisons.

After a quick google it transpires “Dopethrone” and “Come My Fanatics” are their two most rated albums. The artwork looks fitting too.

Initially on first hear I thought – this is terrible – but whilst listening to the second track on Dopethrone I began to get it. If I hit my iTunes by play count the tracks of this album are already very near the top in play counts. The sound has a very dark feel and hypnotic qualities. You could argue they aren’t actually great musicians but the dirge of the sound is near to some of the heavyest I’ve heard.

With a bit more research I saw a comment on You Tube where generally fans are agreeing how awesome they sound and one comment read “it’s like ear sex” – reading this I actually laughed out loud – and surely someone would only write this if they were really into the band.

I’ve bought the album Come My fanatics too via iTunes but am yet to listen to it as i’m still really into the sound on Dopethrone. On listening to the 3rd track “I, the Witchfinder” the band began to reming me of Spacemen 3 too – a band from a totally different genre. It pays to listen to the build up and around 5:20 in it veers off fantastically and they could venture into Hawkwind territory if they wanted – but they resist – but it is very psych too.

I’ll shut up – have a listen – preferably loud with old skool hi-fi headphones on.


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