19th May 1998. Four Eyes. Rotunda. Grebo. The Old Railway, Birmingham.

Another Four Eyes gig! At least we tried. Four Eyes were probably the most accomplished sounding band I ever played with but personally I loved playing in Cabbage the most. Four Eyes had proper punk / pop songs – i’ll see if I can post some MP3’s of them at some point if the others from the band are ok with this. Cabbage were full on hardcore stupidity and mirrored my lack of musical talent much more accurately.

Nice of the other bands to let me use the drum kit and there generally was a good working vibe between the bands at most Badger Promotions gigs. Again looking back I can not differentiate our actual performance but we get a higher rate of 7 so it must have been one of our better sets.

Rotunda are (I think) still actually going. The lead singers younger brother used to be in my class at Junior School so I’ve always felt some loose affinity with this band. Britcore Punk sound, nothing exceptional but equally nothing bad either. 6.

Grebo were very young and I can recall talking to the about “Grebo” music such as Gaye Bykers On Acid, etc. They had no idea at all what I was talking about – they figured they’d just made the name up. Musically able but nothing to write home about – so I’ll stop writing… 5.


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