27th June 1999. The Hard-On’s. The Foundry. Birmingham. £4:00.

If you’ve read back to circa 1988 on my gig list you’ll see that The Hard-On’s live gig at The Fulham Greyhound is so far my all time favourite gig ever.

Of course it is possible the best gig i’ll ever see in my life is still ahead. Possible. But let’s face it, unlikely.

Okay so 11 years on from The Fulham Greyhound legendary gig could they still be any good?

In short. Yes. Despite the advance in age of the band and crowd – this band could still find an astonishing turn of pace and electric spark that few others can. never afraid to play their “current” material too The Hard-On’s really were / are one of the most under rated bands ever. I say are (they are still going) but in truth they have lost their original drummer (he’s now a postman in Melbourne!) A massive loss.

With a well paced mix of newer and classic material this gig was a joy. You need a trained ear maybe but I think they are a testament to how all live gigs should be. Also I can’t help but feel massive kudos to their – live in a van and just rock whatever the pay – attitude.

After the show I could not resist talking to Keish the drummer. The few talking to him already as he signed some 7 inch vinyls were, I was very happy to see, chatting about The Fulham Greyhound gig!

Rate 9 out of 10.


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