23rd November 2000. Queens Of The Stone Age. Support from Monster Magnet. Wolverhampton Civic Hall. £10:00.

Okey dokey. After a couple of mediocre gig here’s a corker. I’ll admit it, i’d never heard of Queens Of The Stone Age before Rated R. I had heard of Kyuss bit will not pretend that I had actually heard them.

For me Rated R is the true, idealistic follow on from (Nirvana’s) Nevermind. It’s just an out-an-out fantastic album. If Nirvana had Rated R as the follow up to Nevermind and not In Utero – they’d probably still be going. Of course In Utero was reflective of the developments and life changes Nirvana had – it’s still a good LP – but imagine if Nirvana had continued in this rawcus, all-out-rock fashion.

A bit out of time maybe but Rated R holds it’s place, shoulder to shoulder, with the grunge period classics. When you first hear Rated R it’s a treat how the album opens, and more importantly, continues.

I cannot remember that much from the actual show. A good sign here i’m sure. I can remember a packed, ecstatic Civic Hall going nuts for QOTSA and the look on my mates faces (about 6 mates went along to this gig) and that of total strangers all united in a joyous, all-out-rock-blast. They lost little of the incredible production that Rated R has in this live performance and in my old gig-list notes get a resounding….

Rate 10 out of 10.

Monster Magnet opened the proceedings and in between trips to the bar also provided a more than adequate support slot.

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