28th November 2000. ACDC. N.E.C. Birmingham. £25:00.

ACDC have always been there. From the days when I was a little kid wandering into my local record shop (Studio Musica and Focus in Shirley, West Midlands) ACDC had just always been there. Never for me have I known a record shop without ACDC redords.

I’d flick through the LP sleeves on display and few were as mesmerizing as the cover to ACDC’s – If You Want Blood… I was stunned when a mate from junior school pointed to Angus Young on the sleeve and said “he’s actually dead!”  (Angus is skewered by his guitar and covered in blood, on the back sleeve he lies on the blood stained stage floor).

I believed, not only that he was dead, but that he’d been killed on stage and that was the actual photo. In reality Bon Scott had died, but I was a kid and was non-the-wiser. For probably about a year i’d look at that sleeve every time I went into the record shop thinking – he’s actually dead! Hearsay in it’s finest, most inaccurate, most awe inspiring form.

ACDC are a great band. The Bon Scott era material is far, far, better in my opinion than the Brian Johnson material. In fact i’d say For Those About To Rock was their last half decent album. They’ve had the odd decent track but the early albums stand head and shoulders above the latter releases.

Not being a huge traditional rock  fan this show was pretty much as you’d expect a stadium rock gig to be. The fans were ecstatic, beyond in my opinion the performance of the band. That was until Angus Young did the most incredible guitar solo above crowd in a see through ball, actually running around the ball doing a crazy guitar solo like a possessed gerbil.

Whatever you think of ACDC Angus Young is a true rock legend and his energy levels are quite dumbfounding even to this day.

Rate 9 out of 10.

Check out the You Tube video above. I’d never heard this (my favorite ACDC track) until about 5 years ago. It amongst the Top 5 most played tracks on my iTunes as I write and although not actually reflective of this gig – it’s the band at their youthful best….


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