Buttmuncher (John Bunnell)

Like many others – for me – World’s Wildest Police Videos was essential viewing. Mainly, of course due to the over the top commentary from the legendary Sheriff John Bunnell, or, as my mates & I have always called him – Buttmuncher.

Why or who first called him Buttmuncher I cannot recall – but what a fitting, great nickname. He’s a total one off. He seems over serious – but could easily just be hamming his delivery style up for his own entertainment.

In my head he’s always walking forwards, relentlessly marching towards a backing off camera, I can’t think of anyone else – in TV or film that does this – it’s unique and very entertaining.

Sunday evenings tarnished by the inevitable “return to work tomorrow” feeling were always brightened by Buttmuncher (Bunnell) and his awesome one-liners. Here’s a sample of his legendary quotes…

“For criminals, cash is for taking, cars are for chasing and law is for breaking”.

“This crazed felon is travelling at three communities an hour”.

“Although their drunken antics may seem amusing, there’s nothing funny about ten years in a federal penitentiary”.

Buttmunchers quotes are so good that I actually started making up my own when the show finished in 2002. ” High on amphetamine at 120mph this punk thought he’d speed his way across state – after ramming into a wall – the only thing he’ll wish was speeding now – was his 8 years in the slammer”.

Feel free to add your own quotes, real or made up…

Here’s a funny YouTube clip parody too.


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