The 2nd Wave of UK Punk… The Exploited – Dead Cities – on Top of the Pops!

Allow me to digress.

I can clearly remember buying Dead Cities by The Exploited as a 12 year old kid from WH Smith’s in Solihull the day it came out. It had/has a great red top tabloid newspaper parody sleeve and looked like a gem from the word go. It was! Against a back drop of recession and riots the band appeared dumb but, somehow, momentarily, with their finger right on the pulse…

Then, imagine how gobsmacked I was when listening to the UK Top 40 that Sunday on Radio 1 and it had entered the charts! Un-believable. This was me before i’d had a drink of any alcohol or any of life’s other dubious offerings and rarely had I been so excited in my bedroom on my own at the news just in that this was in the charts! At school for the following week I must have warbled on about this to my classmates to a ridiculous extent.

Then. To my utter disbelief. They were on Top of the Pops. Eh!

Of course they mimed and it looks very contrived but back in the early 80’s (this was pre- The Young Ones) this just didn’t happen. I was too young for the first wave of Punk but with The Expolited at the front of the U.K. Second Wave of Punk along with the far superior US 2nd wave (Dead Kennedy’s et al) I was in, and I was excited. Fortunately the lyrics were printed on the back of the 7 inch recored sleeve (2 great tracks on the B Side by the way) and after a day I knew all the words inside out.



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