15th May 2003. 8 Mile Tour. Custard Factory. Birmingham. Free,

Not technically free. I was a mature student at the time finishing my degree and was suitably skint. Fortunately a mate paid for me so the night out after Skink continued. The event was sponsered by Sony and was in essence 8 Mile from Birmingham consisting of quick fire rap-offs with the winner decided by crowd jeers or approval. good fun.

I can only highlight the 3 finalists Dangerous, Drunken Master & English. Boy were they funny. Clearly not set up all they could do was dictate the beat with their mouth and rap, venomously doing extreme character assassinations of the foe they saw in front of them. Unbelievable put downs ensued – much to thje crowds approval. Better than the 8 Mile movie and something that probably could not happen without the (then current) backdrop of that movie.

Rate 8 out of 10.


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