23rd October 2005. Kaiser Chiefs, support from Maximo Park. Academy. Birmingham.

Ticket was an early birthday present. Maximo Park were not as good as i’d anticipated, (I’d read a bit about them – but not actually heard them – i’ll put this down to age at this stage!). Good(ish), but nothing great at all.

Rate 5 out of 10.

Kaiser Chiefs, conversley, I had heard – and were a lot better than I expected. The band had an awful lot of energy and the Sold Out venue helped the atmosphere greatly. Live the familiar tracks came to life an made for a much better experience from listening to their accessible – and decent album – Employment.

Highlight of the show was the lead singer appearing at the back of the venue and crowd surf – whilst singing – his was to the stage. I’ve seen a lot of alt / punk shows – but this was a feat that topped a lot of sights. Not a huge fan of the band but a very, very enjoyable gig…

Rate 9.5 out of 10.


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