12th December 2009. Cabbage. Hare & Hounds. Kings Heath. Birmingham.

A bit of self indulgence. For my birthday I reformed Cabbage. We’d not played live since 1989. 20 years later we were back. Big credit to the other two in the band for rehearsing for 2 months before the gig. Also credit to Nigel and Co at Blotto Studio in Digbeth for lending us the drum kit, the beers and laughs too.

I’d prepared a small speech to take the audience back to 1989. In true pre gig panic I lost my mini speech and just thanked people for coming. Our sound was influenced heavily by early DRI, The Ramones, The Stupids and the first Napalm Death LP. Cabbage are the band i’ve enjoyed playing in the most – i’m a fan and i’m in the band! OK, we’re defuct again now – but maybe we’ll be back at some point! Currently i’m rehearsing with the guys and an extra bass player in a very different sounding new outfit. Hopefully we’ll gig soon in Birmingham – I guess we’ll be ready Feb / March 2011.

Cabbage prided ourselves on short, very short and very fast songs. We didn’t get anywhere. But the again we only played 3 gigs in 1989 – all in Balsall Heath and the first one was a chaotic joy.

Fast forward to 2009 we played our most accomplished set ever. It was a cool thing to do. In 89 we played to anarcho crusties in 2009 we played to lawyers, teachers, etc. I’m sure it went straight over their heads but a few people commented after ” I used to listen to shit like that back in the day”, etc. Maybe this was a compliment.

Can I rate my own band? Yes? OK…

7 out of 10.


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