Stone Roses – They should have got on with it?

I’ve tonight been watching this classic Late Show appearance on The Stone Roses. Yes, it’s the stuff of legend to my generation, but the more I watch it – the more I think – did the band manufacture the scenario?

The song builds perfectly and the couple of guitar licks John Squire gets in – right near the beginning – sound better than it does on recorded version. It has more Shimmer to it.

The track does then begin to go slightly off kilter. Knowing how the song pans out – it would be an even more classic television moment – if they’d just have got on with it?

The band do stop playing very quickly. Anyone in a band will know when such a breakdown happens, the whole song will usually judder to a stop and not be anywhere as near as an abrupt halt. Also if there HAD been a power cut why does everything else in the TV studio work as normal?

With Ian Brown grabbing the opportunity the berate the BBC, it does strike me as maybe planned.

Yes. It still is a classic rock / TV moment. Maybe I just wanted to see the whole song…


One thought on “Stone Roses – They should have got on with it?

  1. They turned their amps up in between the soundcheck and the show because they weren’t happy with the volume, they’d been told not to. Because they were too loud they cut out, this wouldn’t effect lights, cameras, etc.

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