The Damned – Stretcher Case

Stretcher Case. A single of minor legend. Never officially released it was given away at gigs and knowing Damned gigs i’m sure quite a few got destroyed amongst the mayhem.

I would have been too young when it was given away. All I could do was go to Record Fairs and gawp at Stretcher Case circa 1985 onwards. If any dealers had it, it would be on the wall behind them only elevating its mystique even higher. It would attract a price tag in the region of £45. Way out of my reach.

Stretcher Case has a fantastic sleeve. Fortunately the track was included on The Damned’s 2nd album “Music For Pleasure”. It is probably the best track on that album, or thereabouts.

A 2 minute 1 second burst of The Damned at their near best. The track, in many ways lives up to the mystique that surrounded it.

Although I have owned Music For Pleasure on several formats – I have never owned Stretcher Case, and probably never will. Look at the sleeve – it’s incredible – Still!


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