Gaye Bykers On Acid – Nosedive Karma

Gaye Bykers On Acid put on some incredible live shows back in 1987. Looking like they had arrived from another planet the band were a breath of fresh air sitting oddly amongst the U.K. Hardcore scene, you could see straight away they had the potential to crossover.

The Old Grey Whistle Test showed a clip of the video for Everythang’s Groovy and after missing out of the first wave of punk, etc due to being too young – as a 17 year old it was a bandwagon you wanted to jump on straight away. It was totally fresh and exciting. When GBOA released their 2nd single on InTape (their last independent release before being snapped up by Virgin) this sadly saw the band peak far too soon.

Nosedive Karma attempted to fuse Hip-Hop with alternative rock way before the likes of Anthrax pulled it off with more credit. Nosedive has an immediate alienated anthem feel to it. Punchy, catchy and quite unique it is the bands best ever release.

With that chorus of “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” it was a highpoint of their gigs and a track that saw the audience gifted the mic amongst scenes of total mayhem – it was what all good live gigs should have. The 10 Inch E.P. of Nosedive Karma has some of the best “extra tracks” ever to be included on a single release. Do seek it out.

Sadly Nosedive Karma has not stood the test of time particularly well musically. It should not, however, be overlooked. The gig GBOA put on at The Mermaid, Birmingham, remains one of the best gigs i’ve ever been to. I’m sure everyone that attended that truly chaotic gig of sheer joy of a show will agree. I can still recall my mates, peers and people you only saw at ultra-cool gigs faces after the gig. Smiles all around.

After a lacklustre debut album (Drill Your Own Hole”) the band drifted into relative obscurity. Nosedive Karma will remain one of my all time favourite single though (this will attract sneers). Not many bands had that buzz of energy and possibilities about them.

Gaye Bykers On Acid could not fulfill the expectations the music press put on them. But for sheer fun and sounding truly fantastic back in 1987 – it’s a track that will never leave me without very fond memories.


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