Primal Scream – Loaded – 20 Singles

Really seizing the playground The Stone Roses so lazily vacated Primal Scream surprised practically everyone in 1990 when they dropped Loaded on us.

The first time I heard it I was in a club and I strongly guess I was not alone waiting for that vocal sample to turn out to be Mudhoney –  In “N” Out Of Grace. Bemused faces as that vocal sample turned out to be a mellow groove the likes of which my generation had not embraced before.

Loaded has a groove that spans genres. From the intro sample that made you expect Mudhoney to a delivery The Rolling Stones would have killed to been able to take into the 90’s. In the duration of Loaded’s first listen you can see / hear Primal Scream have claimed the Rock / Acid House scene and become the scenes most important crossover exponents.

Somehow keeping an indie sound yet making acid house accessible to the masses whilst confining The Stones’ – Sympathy For The Devil to your parents record collection where it belongs (no email backlash on this please – you see my point).

Loaded has a laidback feel and simply ambles through its seven minute span. On dancefloors in 1990 when this dropped everyone would be beaming, it would always be a highlight of going out – and it still sounds pretty decent today…

Although i’m not a huge fan of the band. Loaded has that life-soundtrack reference thing for me and i’m sure for many others too. For that reason it gets in my 20 Singles section…


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