The Specials – Ghost Town – 20 Singles

Released almost exactly 30 years ago from today I guess I took Ghost Town by The Specials for granted as a kid in 4th year Junior School.

Little did I realise back in 1981 that this would be the best Number One Single ever. Is there a better Number One Hit? If there is, I haven’t heard it.

Eerily still as relevant today as it was back in 1981. Ghost Town is the godfather of trip-hop and the sound of 2 Tone on its knowing death kneels.

Beyond the frankly majestic sound of Ghost Town is the fact that it does not preach. Ghost Town just comments. It does not judge. It paints a true picture of recession, loss and hard times. The band resist bashing Thatcher, Ghost Town reflects the mood both lyrically and musically.

Of all the 2 Tone style bands The Specials were easily the pick of the bunch. More serious than Madness, more on it than The Beat and a whole league above Bad Manners. A pity The Specials called it a day – but what a glorious way to go.


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