Adam and The Ants – Kings Of The Wild Frontier – 20 Singles.

Might lose a bit of kudos for going with this – but hey, honesty is the best policy. As stated, as a kid I was fairly disinterested in music. I had the token Rescuers Soundtrack, etc but really they were more like souvenirs than things I was really into.

This began to change as I approached 10 years of age. Adam & the Ants had a look that you just had to take notice of. Yes, it was pop, but what great pop it was. The first track I heard by the band was Antmusic. A killer pop song, catchy and with an incredible B Side.

Looking back their record company must have pushed their previous tracks due to the success of Antmusic. Dog Eat Dog, like, say, a Beatles track, is a song I have always seemed to have known. By this I mean I cannot ever remember hearing it for the first time – it has always just been there, and again, a great track.

Adam and the Ants dominated the charts for my 4th year in Junior School. EVERYONE was into them – it was like a mass wake-up call to music for this (then) young generation. In the playground kids would argue about who liked them most, had the most patches, etc.

I’m pretty sure Kings Of The Wild Frontier (the single not the album) was re-released due to the success of Antmusic. With Antmusic spending what seemed like an eternity at Number 2 in the charts, you’d listen to the Top 40 on a weekly basis urging it to get to Number 1. It didn’t happen, but what did happen was that loads of other Adam and The Ants tracks suddenly hit the charts.

Kings Of The Wild Frontier straight away was, dare I say it, more dangerous. It was very edgy for a pop song. With its totally primitive beat it was about as removed from Antmusic as you could possibly get and still be the same band – from the same era. This made the band have even more mystique. They would reach their zenith pretty soon after with Stand & Deliver but for me, this is the bands true summit.


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