Misfits – Earth AD / Wolf’s Blood – 20 Albums

Released in 1983 this album didn’t get my attention until I was 17. It’s the bands last proper release. when I discovered The Misfits I was struck that ALL of their tracks were brilliant. When Glenn Danzig was in the band there’s not a single dud track on any of their releases.

I’m going with this album as it’s their most coherent ¬†release that stands as an album. Just. It’s frighteningly short. At under 15 minutes it’s a burst of raw power few bands can equal. The band have far better tracks that grace E.P’s. If I was to go with a collection it’d be Static Age. That album is the greatest “not hits” ever made. All this does not stop Earth AD / Wolf’s Blood being an astounding, stand alone, release.

Kicking off with Earth AD, the track is fast but very controlled. Glenn Danzig’s vocal is either very assured or screaming cries with a unique sound that’s neither punk or metal but bridging the two genres perfectly whilst always maintaining a true hardcore stance.

More chants, cries and screams for Queen Wasp. the instrumentation is blunt but it works in an astonishing way.

The pace speeds up more for Devilock. The music is locked together. No extravagant breaks / leads, but it is revitalising punk with fresh raw power.

Death Comes Ripping crashes in. Muted for the first verse it runs into a near sing-a-long chorus. Without a shadow of irony The Misfits explore dark themes. they sound like they mean real business.

Green Hell closes Side One. It is a massive influence on what would become thrash. It chugs like thrash bands would ape, however it sounds brutal, with purpose it crashes out.

Wolf’s Blood if anything sounds more urgent and powerful than anything on Side One. Danzig screams like an very evil Elvis may have if he’d been in a punk band in the early 80’s. Great stuff.

Demonomania again is fast. Trailing guitar add to the menace. Urgent and again not sounding at all like they’re joking the band pull off an evil vibe with gusto.

Bloodfeast is slower. With the trailing pace the sound gets even more menacing. The vocal is stronger still.

Hellhound has a faster pace, it lowers its speed to snarl, then it goes back up a gear to burn out.

For what this album represents it gets into my 20 Albums. It is the true mark required before thrash emerged. No Misfits, No Metallica, you get the idea?

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