The Misfits – Bullet – 20 Singles.

Released on the bands own label in 1978 (Plan 9) The Misfits released an astonishing 7 inch single that is now worth a small fortune. Incredibly no record label would put out their album. Eh?

Bullet is fast, it is not overplayed. The vocal paints imagery around Kennedy’s assassination. Suggesting Texas is the reason that the president is dead maybe it’s attacking right wing America? Probably not, as the band don’t do politics. It stands as a furious but very controlled blast. Punk just didn’t sound like this in 1978. It’s light years ahead of it’s time.

We Are 138 – is a track I still have no idea what they’re going on about. Starting slow with a chant of “we are 138” it builds and builds. A Misfits anthem and a truly great track. Fitting in a short guitar lead the track regathers to chant “we are 138” until the bitter end. With both tracks on Side One at under 1:50 The Misfits fit in so much more than The Ramones ever could. They’ve pushed things forward.

Attitude kicks off Side Two. Slower than the tracks on the flip it still pulls no punches and although the weakest track on the single it’s still near groundbreaking in that it pushes punk forward, uniquely.

Hollywood Babylon – the final track, also opens new soundscapes for alternative music. It’s almost like The Cramps after a serious work out at the gym. Slower than its predecessors¬†Danzig’s vocal really is heard here (production wise) and the potential is realised.

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