Johnny Foreigner – Salt, Peppa & Spinderella – 20 Singles.

This single is far better than it should be. It works on many levels. Knowingly very “Pixies” like it is quite unique too.

Beginning with a very poggy bass jab and the snare drum with the snare seemingly relaxed. The dual vocal works, the male / female vocal play off is also a card played very well.

The build and near shambolic control also rattles along with damn near perfection.

An ode to sitting in a Digbeth take-away post nightclub this track captures something magical. As it rises and gets more self-assured it gives off a very welcome warm vibe.

The mantra before the masterstroke of “turn on the real drums” elevates the track to be the best track on the album “Waited Up ‘Til It Was Light”. An album well worth checking out.

When “the real drums” kick in with the snare firmly flexed the track explodes into an unrelenting joyous sound.

An under rated Birmingham outfit that deserve more ears. A great single.


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