Nirvana – Sliver – 20 Singles.

Nirvana’s best track is Aneurysm in my opinion. The B-Side to Smells Like Teen Spirit therefore I guess it cannot qualify as a single release.

Before the snowball that was the band becoming huge in a very short period of time. Before Nevermind. The band recorded Sliver as a stand alone release between Bleach & Nevermind.

Sliver features Dan Peters (Mudhoney) on drums. The later shot video was a re-release by Geffen Records and features Dave Grohl on drums – but the sound has not been altered from the original release. The video also features Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean (she’s the baby at the start).

Not only a great record, but a bit of a unique Nirvana release as it’s subject has no parallel by the band. Playfully the track tells a tale about being left at your grandparents whilst your parents go out to catch a show. A million miles away from the normal “angst” the track is almost supremely dumb – but equally cute. Begging to be taken home (“Grandma take me home”), whilst eating ice-cream at your grandparents is hardly Crass material. Towards the end of Sliver the subject falls asleep and wakes up in his mothers arms. It shouldn’t work – but it does in a very endearing manner.

Musically fantastic, it echoes jumping around in your bedroom to music when you’re young. A great feeling. A great track. A band really coming into their own.

For where Sliver sits now in the Nirvana back catalogue the track captures them at their most positive. It hasn’t got the grindy doom of Bleach or the sheen of Nevermind. It’s a world away from the venom spitting self-loathing of In Utero.

The bands best single.


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