Hawkwind – High Rise. Guilty Pleasures.

I would never advocate listening to “hippy” music. Narrow minded I know – but it’s just wrong.

Are Hawkwind hippy? I’m not totally sure. Probably yes – yes they are – of course they frickin’ are!

Throughout my youth various friends would play me Hawkwind albums. The band have the odd decent track, but their albums when listened to whole are just boring?

In 1990 I came across “High Rise” by Hawkwind. It does sound different to their other material. True that is has a “spacey, sonic” sound – but it also sounds post punk to me.

The tone of the vocal delivery too evokes the alienated sound that can be found in a lot of punk tracks?

Quite a few people who’ve listened to the new band I play in have suggested we sound like Hawkwind. This I found slightly disturbing – but it’s true that we do unintentionally sound like this track at times.

I have no Hawkwind records. Never have. Never will – but this is my favourite track by them…


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