Neil Young – Decade – The best greatest hits album – Ever!

You could argue “greatest hits” albums are pointless. I’d pretty much go along with this. Usually a record company cash-in – this begs the question what is their true worth?

3 strong examples spring to mind. The Beta Band – The 3 E.P’s is hardly a “hits” album – but it serves to make some great deleted material available.

“Snap” by The Jam is stronger than any of their studio albums – a great band where I just didn’t “get” their albums proper.

Then there’s “Decade” arguably the best greatest hits offering I’ve ever heard. The albums “greatness” is that it introduced Neil Young to me when I was 20 years old. It remains my favourite album by the artist as it serves as an encapsulation of some new (old) material.

From incredibly powerful ballads to sprawling guitar driven epics the triple vinyl album does not include one bad track. It’s more a summary of a decade of the artist than a traditional “hits” package. Its earnest and stands up as one hell of a strong body of work.

If you’ve never listened to Neil Young – there’s no better place to start…


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