ARTPHAG – Totally Off The Radar.

In 1988 John Peel started championing Artphag. Not only did he play tracks from their self funded, hand made / painted debut album – I’m pretty sure they did a session for him too?

Two tracks from that inspirationally simple debut album really stood out. It’s a close call but “GOLF” is probably their best track. It’s make-up is so simple that it really shouldn’t work – but it does. The band come across like a simpler, more stripped down version of The Cramps. With a strong do-it-yourself vibe the band somehow pull off being unable to play. There are thuds, shouts, hollars, screams and rumbling near music.

If you endure “Golf” search for “Brains” on YouTube. I’d say that Evil Dead II inspired burst of glorious inability is right up there with this track.


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