Kindle – a perfect Saturday morning companion.

I picked up a Kindle yesterday. At £89 it’s an inexpensive, but quality purchase.

Firstly, I do not read that much – my attention span has always been short. This device begs your attention to items, and articles you may otherwise skim over.

For example, Saturday is the only day I may buy a newspaper. Usually The Guardian. This morning I woke at 8am, (this is usually the way, when you don’t have to get up I usually wake early).

At 99p the digital Guardian is over £1 cheaper than the physical newspaper. Plus I didn’t have to have a shower and pop to the shops – another bonus. A fear was it’s just be the main “newspaper” – but to my near delight – it’s the whole issue.

What I read (from The Guardian on Saturdays) usually consists of: Sport, The Guide, The Magazine and the main paper – usually in that order. I have just spent the last 2 hours in bed reading the usual articles. Granted it looks a bit different, but you still get the same feel. The content appears to be the same. So not only will I save money in the long run – but I can also feel good about saving paper, etc.

At £9.99 a month The Guardian is a bit steep and I haven’t got enough time to read everyday. So a weekend 99p purchase makes perfect sense. The two hours I’ve just spent lazily reading are worth the price already.

I have not purchased any books yet. I read a book about every two years, if that. However when i do like a book I tend to love it. Only a small amount of books get my praise. This is down to ignorance slightly by myself but I really have to connect with a book to be interested.

I do have some pdf versions of books that I like. Yesterday evening, messing around with my new gadget I was a bit worried to see that when you drag the pdf to the Kindle via USB that the reading options are almost unreadable. the print was way too small and seemingly couldn’t be fixed to fit the screen for a comfortable read.

Google to the rescue! Within 10 minutes of identifying this potential problem a fix was discovered. Stanza (largely a book reader for laptops) gives the option to convert pdf to a kindle file. I would purchase a book via Amazon, but you should have the option to use electronic books you may already have. I can see why it’s made a bit tough and I will buy books in the future via Amazon if I find a (new) book I’m interested in.

For now I have: To Kill A Mockingbird, The Wasp Factory, The Catcher In The Rye, Divided Kingdom, Animal Farm, The Stand and The Selfish Gene on my Kindle. That should keep me going for a while.

The Kindle does browse the Internet in a very quaint way. it’s almost like the Internet has gone back 30 years. It looks antique. I’m not knocking it – this just underlines this neat device is really about reading. After 2 hours reading I did not have that buzzy headache that even a nice laptop will give you via glare, etc.

The only gamble I took with my purchase was not knowing if it was compatible with my MacBook. I’m running Tiger and wondered if I needed a later operating system. When I asked the friendly but slightly clueless staff in Currys they looked very blank about Tiger. Fortunately it turns out that Kindle is compatible with Mac way back to OS 10.2. A nice touch, unlike the new iPhone for example which I could not use with my “old” laptop. A lesson for Apple there maybe? Maybe Currys should run out an hour training course so staff can fully advise about the Kindle and its compatability – surely it’ll be a big seller in the run up to and beyond Christmas.

As stated, I’m not a big reader in any way, shape or form – but I feel my future lazy reads will be on this cute, purposeful device.

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