Kill List – prepare to be shocked.

I’ve just watched Kill List as darkness fell. A very apt way to watch this movie as it is easily the darkest film of recent times. I have not taken it all in yet. Perhaps I’m writing this too soon. Only two comparisons spring to mind. Man Bites Dog and Henry. It is more heavy going than both of those movies. Really.

Refreshingly low-budget the movie is very well shot and feels bang up to date. A backdrop of financial hardship and need drive the movie into a very dark sinister place.

You cannot identify with the characters – you don’t want to. Those on the “list” you are glad to see done away with. The film does have balance, but it has strength to push you over the edge.

Unlike, say “Reservoir Dogs” where brutality is left to the imagination in the infamous “ear scene” – Kill List shows you total brutality. I cannot recall a movie where I have HAD to look away from the screen. The second killing is so brutal that you will be watching in a shocked, stunned daze.

Thankfully, there is some very black comedy hidden away in this full-on British shockfest. You need it to detract from a movie that is spiraling away from sanity more and more. I guess it is a horror movie rather than a Thriller at the end of the day. It certainly is unique.

Like “There Will Be Blood” you cannot tell where the film is going. This is not a by the numbers exercise. Kill List does descend into pure madness. It’s a weighty pull.

I’m not going to include any spoilers. I do feel the end of the film will please true horror fans. Kill List does not pull back and perform a safe ending. You will be left feeling like you are stuck in a heavyweight nightmare…


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