Robocop – 20 Movies.

Robocop. It’s the best film I’ve ever seen.

Back in 1987 I got in at about midnight. My Mother had rented the VHS of Robocop – I knew pretty much nothing about the movie. Bored and full of youthful energy I pushed the videotape into the Video Recorder.

Then – I sat in front of the television screen for 1 hour 45 minutes and took in the best film of all time.

It’s a stone cold classic.

Forget “A Clockwork Orange” – this is proper ultra-violence. Stylish, chic, tounge-in-cheek, the film is on the button for its entire duration.

There’s not a single dull moment. Paul Verhoven’s masterpiece is superbly paced. The story is solid. The Detroit sets are perfect. This new movie hero delivers.

Full of outstandingly quotable quotes and rich comic book characters. The movie is a sharp, well observed stab at American Culture.

Benefitting from a relatively unknown lead actor (Peter Weller) the movie draws you into it’s darkly comic heart.

I will not go through the plot. There’s no point. If you’ve never seen “Robocop” – then just go watch it.

The strongest testament I can give is the honest fact that, back in 1987, when the movie finished – I rewound the videotape and watched it again – straight away. It’s that good. I’ve never rewatched a movie straight away since. It’s a one-off.

Forget The Godfather.

Forget Star Wars.

Forget Apocalypse Now.

Forget Jaws.

Forget There Will Be Blood.

Forget No Country For Old Men.

Forget…. (you get the point)…

Just like I cannot imagine I will ever see a better live band than the Hard-Ons – I cannot ever imagine I will see a movie that will genuinely blow me away like Robocop did all those years ago.

I must have watched the film over 100 times. I know all the words.

I only wish i’d seen Robocop at the cinema – That would have been SOMETHING ELSE…



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