Point Break – 20 Movies.

Kathryn Bigelow may have modern plaudits for directing The Hurt Locker” but her best movie is surely Point Break. Yes, Near Dark is a classic too but Point Break nails something down. A lot of people love the movie but few will admit it’s amongst their all time favourites.

In 1991 I found myself on a ferry with a couple of hours to kill. My choice was Hot Shots Part Deux or Point Break.

I knew nothing at all about Point Break. I took a gamble. It paid off.

I do realise I’m again opening myself up to ridicule – but I’d say Point Break is the 2nd best film I’ve ever seen.

As the opening credits ran I was dismayed to see “starring Patrick Swayze” – but in reality he’s great in the movie. Come to think of it he’s pretty good in Roadhouse too.

The movie is made for Keanu Reeves. It’s easily his best suited role marrying his Bill & Ted dumbness with the new cop on the block character.

In 1991 the movie was very fresh. Great to see Anthony Kiedis as a surfer, again he’s perfect for the role.

There’s something about bank heists in movies that touches the spot. The Ex-Presidents maybe be cinemas greatest unsung bank robbers.

Point Break, unwittingly signals the end of the slacker generation. Think about it. The movie is mirroring the slacker generation but it’s up beat, fast and lively – everything slacker wasn’t.

As Johnny Utah infiltrates the surf gang he learns to surf. The surfing scenes, on a Cinema screen, look fantastic.

The FBI raid scene, quite early in the movie, is just superbly handled. Colourful, noisy (in a good way) and quite graphic. The closely filmed chase and fight scenes are superb. The movie rattles up through its gear box.

In the background a solid soundtrack is there if you listen closely enough. One of the best Chili Peppers songs that is unreleased anywhere else is included. An early Sheryl Crow murmurs, Public Image Ltd are shown respect too.

Keanu’s acting is wooden, but for the end of slacker, this works in a way I just cannot get across with words.

Swayze is perfect as the older, wiser, spiritually tapped in bank-robbing surfer. The movie is pacey but the story is well structured. It’s one of them films you can watch over and over again – but the first time you watch it the story is oddly mesmerising.

It shouldn’t be, but Point Break, stumbles into being one of the best films I’ve ever seen.It’s kind of an “in the right place at the right time syndrome” I guess – but it’s fantastic. No waaay dude…


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