Front 242 – Headhunter.

Industrial Music. An oddish genre that is hard to get a real grip of. The genres main protagonists usually falling into other genres with alarming numbers.

Nine Inch Nails are widely loved but, for me, have never put out a truly great body of work. I think that’s it really. Maybe I’ve stumbled on the answer. The genre has great tracks but not a genre defining – stand out – album?

Ministry, The Revolting Cocks, Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, The Young Gods, all have great material but where is the stand out album?

Godflesh & Big Black DO have outstanding albums, but are they “Industrial”? For this reason I will not suggest “Streetcleaner” and “Atomizer” respectively.

So for a clear, steely, driven and definitely “Industrial” track I will focus on “Headhunter” by Front 242.

Always an advocater of the underdog, this band, seldom really namechecked have possibly the best “Industrial” track in their bag.

The music has a clatter, this I love, but the steely cold beats and sheen of it really mark it apart. Even an untrained ear will pull out the undeniably catchy choral break. For an “early 90’s” track you could suggest it’s streets ahead of its time.

1. You lock the target.

2. You Bait the line.

3. You slowly spead the net.

4. You catch the man.

Simple. Headhunting. It comes across a bit like an attack on capitalism?

On top of the hooks this track delivers in precise spades is the added bold, cold, solid production. It sounds amazing.

As good as it sounds, play it through some decent speakers, turn the volume dial up as much as you dare and marvel and just how much better it sounds LOUD. This is music to be played loud personified.

Music aside, the video captures Brussels in such a cold, artistic way that you’ve just got to nod your humble head at how good it looks and fits the track. Has anyone ever managed to capture, for example, Birmingham, England in such a unique way? It could be done – but people have limited imaginations.

I’ll stop babbling on.

Turn the dial UP.


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